About Us

We are 321Travelers! Three continents...two teens...one adventure! We are taking a gap year before college to travel around the world and gain unforgettable life experiences. We will be going mainly to Ireland and South Africa, with a few other countries here and there. As well as maintaining our youtube channel and blog, we will be volunteering at various locations such as children's camps and wildlife facilities. Both of us hope to grow greatly during our journey, while having fun and enjoying life! 

Josh Gailey

may be older, but he's less mature

Josh has just graduated high school, along with me, the better sibling.  He is super goofy and usually spends his time doing stupid stuff. He loves all animals but his passion is birds and he also enjoys rock climbing and playing frisbee. His only outfit consists of a hoodie and jeans so be prepared to see the same thing every day. He is 6'3 and looks like a stick, but his height comes in handy for taking selfies and vlogging so that's the only reason I'm bringing him along. And even though I can't eat gluten, he makes up for it, because he'll only eat food containing gluten so it kind of balances out. In summary, he's the world's okayest brother.

written by the better sibling, Teresa

Teresa Gailey

like an onion...she will make you cry

Teresa, like her much better brother Josh, has just graduated high school. She finished high school in three years so that we could go on this amazing trip as a whole family. She enjoys playing sports such as lacrosse, field hockey, and wrestling. Her many passions include children, reading and writing, harassing her brother, caring for animals, forensics, sociology, and being a trickster. She loves chocolate and peanut butter. Having celiac disease will be a struggle for her, especially on this trip, but she will be testing gluten at restaurants we go to, to help herself and other future travelers know where to eat. The best way to describe her is that she is basically Loki. 

This lovely look into Teresa's life was written by none other than Josh Gailey.