Our journey has begun. The road ahead is long, with many twists and turns, and no end in sight, but we go forward, with no fear of the future. Some may worry about the path before them, but I do not. Anything in the past is a memory, anything in the future is an adventure, and adventure is always good. It might be tough, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, but it is always rewarding. The reward is always worth it.

As I look forward into the year of unknowns before me, I can't help but dwell on the things I left behind. We haven't been gone for that long (3 weeks) but our journey so far has felt like forever, and at the same time, like we just blinked our eyes. Even though the journey has been short, I already miss home. Not anything about our physical home, our city, our state, or our country, for I do not miss the physical things, I only miss those who breathe, friends and family. I am missing the births of babies, friends going through hard times, new relationships, children growing up, saying their first words, movies and long walks, watching other's pets, I am missing game nights and sports, intellectual discussions, food with friends, the morning greetings from my beautiful bird, babysitting, and so much more; lives that I am no longer there to witness. Although the travels ahead hold great joy and beauty, I cannot help but hold onto a little sadness for being away from those I love. I think, though, that no matter what happens in life, you will always miss something. When I am at home, I miss traveling, the game and adrenaline of it, but when I travel, I miss home. I do not believe I can avoid the longing. I exist only in one body, and though I desire to be everywhere at once, I am not omnipresent. Longing will always exist in the lives of those who try new things. Just a taste of something, and that desire is stuck inside of you forever. So while I am sad for the lives I have left behind, I know I will see them all again. They will have changed, I will have changed, but they will always be a part of me, and I them. Goodbye, friends and family, I love each and every one of you dearly, and will see you again soon.